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Lifeline Monitoring Services makes use of today's advanced technology, experienced professionals and a strong background of healthcare development to serve the needs of patients.


EEG Electroencephalography

EEG (Electroencephalography): EEG’s measure the electrical activity of the brain to ensure adequate cerebral perfusion and determine the level of anesthesia.

EEG is sometimes used in certain vascular procedures in conjunction with TCD to monitor brain waves and cerebral blood flow.

- Cerebral perfusion adequacy (cerebral ischemia detection)
- Cerebral Aneurysm
- Carotid Endarterectomy
- Cortical burst suppression monitoring (including hypothermia, drug titration, etc.)

Types of EEG provided.

Lifeline Monitoring Services also provides Clinical Testing for the following:

• Regular EEG
• Sleep Deprived EEG
• Long Term EEG Monitoring (LTM)
• Ambulatory EEG